How to get more MyVegas free chips?


While playing, there are times when you may run short of chips in My Vegas, and in such cases when you need more chips, this content is certainly is going to help you out!

This is a quick guide out here where you would not require to pay for chips, but rather you can win them at free of cost! 

The game even offers some amazing perks to purchase the chips, and you would not require to pay to form them in such case!

All you need is to redeem the codes, and you will be able to win a good set of rewards. So keep winning!

MyVegas Free Chips

MyVegas’ Daily Bonus Spin

The game offers daily spin, which is one of the top ways to earn free chips.

In case you are not playing My Vegas every day, make sure that you still choose to login on a regular basis and complete your bonus spin therein!

Based on the days you have been spinning the wheel, your reward gets multiplied by up to 3x. 

MyVegas’ Hotels on The Strip

You may also collect chips from the hotels or the properties, and you can do that by up to multiple times in a day.

This would even give you some loyalty points.

All you need is to make sure that you collect from the strip irrespective of the fact that you are playing the slots or not!

Joining unofficial social media communities

There are plenty of MyVegas groups available out there on Facebook.

The main motive of these kind of unofficial pages or groups is to find out people with similar kinds of interest since you get the privilege of winning more chips with a higher number of Facebook friends.

Also, these pages could prove to be a source for getting all sorts of updates related to the game as well as you will be able to remain aware of the special announcements.

MyVegas’ Gifts from Friends

Having a lot of Facebook friends who are playing this game as well can be a key to fetch more chips.

Your friends may send those chips to you in the form of gifts. Thus, having friends on social media is a benefit here since you can win chips out of it without even playing.

All you must do is to log in to the game and receive those chips. 

MyVegas & MGM E-Mails

While you are up into the game, always ensure doing a cross-check if your facebook account in utility is actually associated with your email address.

Well, this serves as an incentive, and on no set schedules, you actually receive emails from My Vegas wherein they offer free chips to people as an incentive so that they get a feel of going back to the game!

Also, sign up for offers for the individual MGM properties in Las Vegas. Consequently, you will receive options to claim for chips by clicking on a link therein!