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Why Citizens Will Keep Dying In Southern Kaduna And Elsewhere.



The continuous killing of fellow Nigerians and wanton destruction of properties among Community dwellers and herdsmen is totally unbearable and a major concern across the Country. It Is incomprehensible how we have made the gruesome murder of fellow countrymen a hobby and some kind of funfair without recourse to the humanity in us.

In Southern Kaduna for instance, reports of several attacks on Nigerians have been pouring in like rain drops from the cloud. While we all acknowledged the fact that the killing is totally uncalled for, callous and unacceptable, I want to reiterate that we are all contributing to the lingering conflict in one way or the other due to several interests that we are determined to protect, satisfy or champion.

At a glance, those carrying out the inhumane and wizardry acts of killing/maiming fellow citizens as well as leading the destructive battle against properties can best be described as cannibals and vampires; bloody animals in human form, who have no single conscience or human feelings to say the least. The best way to deal with such beasts would have been for the Law Enforcement Agency to get rid of them, but Nigeria is such a complex society.

There are third parties in the political, ethnic, religious and media terrains backing the menace because they are gaining from it or stand to gain from it.

On the political terrain, there are those disgruntled elements, whom for their political ambitions are fueling the crisis simply to discredit the Federal and Kaduna State Governments. This would earn them cheap political scores and the opportunity to achieve their political dreams. Though they are largely unknown being shadow parties, they are riding on the bloods of innocent Nigerians to reach their political aspirations.

At the ethnic level, there is this unending fear of the unknown. The fear of losing resources that are immobile like lands and farm settlement have forced farmers to resist moves by the government to proffer a solution to the seemingly unending crisis. Such resistance subsequently triggers a counter reaction from the would be beneficiaries. At this point, ethnic leaders begin to instigate the youths to violence in the name of ethnocentrism, forgetting the fact that naked man came and naked shall he returns.

To make matters worse, a religious colouration will be given to the crisis by religious leaders and extremists. Taking sides with ones religion without an atom of Love and respect for human life becomes an act of patriotism or service to the Divine. Our religious fanatics and extremists, which nearly all of us are, begin to make unguided and terror – like statements. We even celebrate the media reports of the killing of fellow Nigerians, who shared a different religious beliefs.

Finally the mainstream media begins to encourage the unseasoned social media with propaganda and fallacious reports, blowing every little irregularity out of proportion, misquoting interviewees and misinterpreting statements from warring parties to attract gullible Nigerians and ignorant sympathisers.

In all, the crisis situation Will be deepened and the destruction of lives and properties continues unabated. The animalistic destroyers become the celebrity, who receives cheer and reward instead of been separated from our society for the sake of peace.

This is how we have been setting our only Country ablaze to keep alive our selfish and ridiculous interests that are the only obstacles to nationality and national integration.

If we truly deserve a better Nigeria, we shall learn to sacrifice our individual interests for the general interest of our country. We must understand that the peace of our neighbours is by extension our peace while their unrest will mean our unrest and biggest nightmare.

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