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Due to the birth of a pressure group (Light of APC delta) in our great party the All Progressives Congress (APC), some political learners felt that the political family is in disarray . Ordinarily, I would have ignored the garbage written by the stomach infrastructure lawyer, Bar Fred Latimore Oghenesivwe, but for the sake of the gullible few, who could be cajoled into believing his tale of lies and deceit, that his new found family is known for in the state.

The light of APC, delta is a group within the APC just like we had the Unity Train, Okowability, Obuh Ambassadors in the PDP, in the wake of the 2015 general elections. The Light of APC was formed to accommodate people with like minds and common interests. like we all know, politics is a game of interest, using numbers to outdo others with different interest and ideologies.

It is for this reason that we felt satisfied with the turnout of party members and supporters of the great course of reclaiming our state from those who have held us down from growth and development for the past eighteen years. It was a gathering of APC members and not any other party, known leaders and chieftains of the APC from across the 25 LGAs of the state were in attendance. The turnout was very impressive compare to what Latimore’s PDP did a few weeks ago in Asaba, with so much of Delta State’s money wasted on mobilization and paying people to attend, just to boost the population of people who attended.

It should be known to Fred Latimore, that the proverbial Tortoise is always known to be wise and careful in the tales whenever it is mentioned. The decision to meet that day was a manifestation of this wisdom exhibited by Great Ogboru and other party leaders most of whom Latimore sang praises of, when he was seeking attention and looking for money to pay his Law school fees.

In latimore’s write up of lies he stated that Senator Ovie Agege talked down One of our party leaders, let it be known that the distinguish Senator shouted loud how he stands for peace and how much he is not willing to go down the part of in house fighting and for this reason he is not even seeking power, title and recognition but emancipation of our state from the election thieves and leadership deficient PDP in the state. This was the brain behind the slogan of the pressure group which Omo Agege proposed and was accepted by the family of Light of APC, delta “WINNING TOGETHER”. The slogan has a place for Otega and every other APC faithful since we are all winning together as a party. One of the reason behind the coming together of the leaders of the party is to improve on the election performance of all the political divide that made up the current APC delta. And the reaction of election performance was done by a party leader and elder states man Chief Frank Ovie Kokori, who said the party is more formidable now and election ready, compared her readiness during the last general elections.

Latimore in his write up said Emerhor used the reconciliation to negotiate for himself the position of the EDP of the NDDC, forgetting that there were controversies during the said nomination and appointment of Hon. Engr. Sam Ajogbe. It is only a political novice who will say the office was giving to Otega as compensation and not out of credibility and competency on the side of the Engineer, who is well qualified and a known party member of the APC. Political interest is normal and ambition is a good thing for every man, this the two personality and all other APC leaders know. Olorogun Otega and Great Ovedje Ogboru are good friends and like in every society conflict of interest is inevitable.

Latimore wrote that the political inexperience of these two known politicians stinks to high heaven. Well it is good that it went up to God because they have not used the blood of innocent people to gain political relevance and political powers. They have not looted monies set outside for project and salaries as well as the welfare of deltans like we have in his camp. He forgot that most of the people he now sing his new song for, rose to prominence climbing the back of this two politicians.

The journey this time is more formidable than ever and this has brought fear into the camp Latimore represent and he is using this as a way to sow a seed of division among the party leaders. It is for Latimore’s own good that we advise him to go to his unit and see if he can get votes from there for his scam prosperity government. The people are just waiting for 2019, for them to vote Okowa out.

While he calls the political association of APC leaders a scam, there is no better word to describe what his masters are doing to deltans since 1999 till date. I hope Barr. Fred Latimore has an explanation to the situation where SUVs are given to LGA chairmen as parting gifts, when all we hear is “ego aria” How about a former governor getting customise bullet proof cars and SUVs worth over a hundred million.
Delta that was the proud big heart of Nigeria is now an image of its past, after 18yrs of successive PDP led administrations, yet you call the reasonable alternative we have, a scam?. One is force to ask Latimore, who amongst the political class has the title of a scam in the state? Latimore should know that like the battle for interest is a natural phenomenon in politics and APC delta is not different. We are not imposing candidate, hence we are all building structures within the party, to get the required outcome.

I know of interest from incumbent house of representatives member and a formal commissioner for the same office, is this to say that PDP is divided in your home of Ethiope East for this reason? I will advise the governor to send you to school to learn more about politics. But before then let me educate you that political interest is not about building enemies, but about gaining more numbers and like minds.
For the records APC is one big political family
Long live Light of APC!
Long live APC!
Long Live Delta State!

Ejanavi Esiekpe,
For The Directorate of
Media & Communication,
Light of APC,
Delta State.

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