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Judas Iscariot Was A Better Man Than Simon Peter



In the world today, there is a growing misconception about a certain discipline of Jesus Christ because of the role he played in the crucifixion of Jesus. Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus Christ according to the Christian doctrine, is treated with so much disdain and disrespect without a proper understanding of his role in human salvation.

Jesus Christ was sent to mankind for the sole aim of redemption, as all men have sinned and fallen from the original glory bestowed upon them by the Creator. There was an urgent need for a sacrificial lamb that will die ones and for all that man may be redeemed from destruction into the Kingdom of Light.

However, the death of the lamb must be triggered by a man, who knows the lamb and must reveal him to his fellow crucifixion agents as it was predestined, otherwise, mankind will remain continually in the dungeon it has fallen into.

For this reason, Judas Iscariot came. He was divinely programed by destiny to perform this tedious task for the sake of mankind. Without Judas, there wouldn’t have been redemption. He was a servant, a messenger of God in the order of the John the Baptist, King Herod, etc.

The larger society of Christians, whom were on their own sinners that fell out of God’s original mandate for mankind, can call themselves children of God today because Judas initiated the redemption process as was divinely mandated by exposing Jesus to his fellow agents of crucifixion. Without that man we hated so much today, none would have been saved and redeemed.

Simon Peter on the other hand, was a worse disciple of Jesus Christ. Though was the most senior disciple, he was an epitome of the fallen man; the man that was/is under the manipulation of the devil, one that needed the role of Judas to become a chosen One.

As a sinner, Peter stood severally against divine ordinances. He resisted Jesus when he learnt He (Jesus) was divinely predestined to die for The redemption of humanity. He was of the opinion that man should continue operating as the agent of the devil But Jesus Christ resisted him.

He also stood against the re-ordering of human leadership from the much practised selfishness that Is dominating mankind even till date, to selflessness (the divine leadership pattern purposed for man by God), by attempting to stop Jesus from washing his feets. Peter believed that the first should not just be seen as the master, he should be treated as such but Jesus position was different, the first should be the servant.

To further prove himself as an instrument of the devil, Peter forsook the teachings of Jesus Christ to “love your enemies and pray for those that despisefully used you” and cleave to Moses “eye for an eye” doctrine just as many Abrahamic followers (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) do today, by cutting off one of the ears of one among the soldiers of crucifixion.

To make matters worse, Peter openly denied ever being a follower of Jesus Christ; he openly rejected Jesus Christ as his Lord and Teacher. He clearly reiterated that there was nothing divine about him all along. Just as he was called by Jesus Christ, Peter was a satan, a resistor, an opposer of the new order Jesus and the likes of Judas were working for; he was of his father, the devil.

While some Christians believe that Peter’s sins and works against the redemption of mankind ended at the point of denial because they believed in the lips lamentation he made after the third denial, the worse of Peter was yet to come.

After the successful crucifixion of Jesus, the man that ought to ensure His legacy lives on and admonish the rest of the disciples to wait for the Redemption circle to be completed, quickly mobilised all the disciples of Jesus Christ against Him by leading them back to where Christ was leading them from. He told them, let’s go back to fishing; let’s go back to our work because this work we are called to do is not worth it;

let’s pursue our selfishness; let’s seek self satisfaction; let’s go and serve the devil, our own lust.

Of course, the devil was having the best time and his grips on humanity, his fight against redemption of mankind was faring well by using Peter back in those days. At these times, Simon Peter was a worse man than Judas Iscariot.

It took the complete circle of redemption for Peter to be changed into an Apostle. He was one of the first persons that felt the impacts of the divine assignment of the army of crucifixion and the redemptive works of Christ, what he (Peter) fought against all through.

Peter was reborn into the Kingdom thereafter following the completion of the works to save man from destruction. The fact that the Kingdom is a place that wasn’t designed for the likes of Judas, John the Baptist, Herod, etc, doesn’t make the agents of crucifixion worthless humans. God only reserved a place for them to function and they have no choice than to act in that capacity. Therefore, we can say that Judas fulfilled destiny, he was divine.

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