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Fraud Alert: College of Education Agbor Defrauded Graduating Students in The Name of NYSC Registration

College of Education, Agbor

The investigative department of CCNIGERIA has uncovered series of extortion activities being perpetuated in College of Education, Agbor with affiliation with Delta State University, Abraka (Delsu) by the Director of Degree, Dr. (Mrs) Florence Omumu in collaboration with the ICT Manager, Mr. Nwada Peter and the Registrar, Mr. Nwachukwu Pat.

From our investigation, on January 9, 2017 the prospective Corp members received a circular to appear at the institution for NYSC online mobilization registration. Each graduated student was charged N2000 for the registration and an additional N500 for Bank draft. We discovered that this charges were not in line with NYSC charges as applicable in other institutions.

Teller of one of the students that was defrauded

Furthermore, CCNIGERIA investigators unlocked another fraud in preparation for even a greater fraud by the disgruntled and selfish Director of Degree, Registrar and ICT Manager, whom may be acting under the directive of the institution’s Provost.

Specifically, the graduated students of the institution received the following text message on March 20, 2017, “you are invited for NYSC data capturing and verification that begins on the 20th of March, 2017 at the Zenith ICT center, COE Agbor.”

At the arrival of the graduated students amiss the risk of traveling from various destinations, the students were compelled to open new e-mail address and were charged N200 each for the exercise, undermining the fact that the graduated students have existing and active e-mail addresses. The worse was that the email address and password were not given to the Students after the creation of the accounts. The wicked and evil oriented ICT Manager, Mr. Peter held glued to the passwords and emails, demanding authoritatively that all the graduated students must return back to the institution on April 29, 2017 for the actual NYSC online registration with the sum of N6,000.

An exercise that NYSC officially charges N3,000 per graduated student. From our findings, Mr. Peter held glued to the password and fraudulent emails created, so he can use that to compel the students into accepting his dastardly and illegitimate act, purportedly arranged to extort N3,000 each from the graduated students.

Without recourse to the alarming economic recession ravaging the Country, the callous leaders of the College of Education Agbor, which has affiliation with Delsu, are taking pleasure to extort millions of naira from ordinary Nigerian students, whom should have been given educational aids in developed Countries.

When contacted, the Registrar of the Institution, Mr. Nwachukwu Pat declined to speak on the issue. “I can’t speak authoritatively on the issue,” he said. When asked if he is aware of the development, he said “I can’t say I am not aware but I am not in position to speak. I think you should reach the Provost.”

When CCNIGERIA contacted the Provost, Dr. J.O Ukadike, he said categorically that he wasn’t aware of the development. “Let me take down your facts,” he said, “so I can confront the Director of Degree and the ICT Manager,” he added.

Speaking further, the Provost said “If it is true, I will deal with the situation and ensure they discontinue the process.”

By the time CCNIGERIA contacted again for feedback, the Provost, Dr. Ukadika stated that the password of the email have been forwarded to the graduated students to enable them undertake the NYSC online registration at their place of convenience.

However, he said the N2,000 was collected from the Students earlier was administrative charges. This is quite laughable but shameful. The teller clearly indicates that the graduated students paid for a purported NYSC registration, which has nothing to do with administrative charges. Besides, what is the school collecting administrative charges for?

Meanwhile, CCNIGERIA confirmed that the Students received a message containing a password but the email address was not disclosed. While we demand the immediate disclosure of the email address to students, CCNIGERIA founds it amusing and annoying that students can be charged for absolutely nothing. Refusing to return the N2,000 collected from the Students earlier for “NYSC mobilisation registration”, indicates that the whole scenario is a well thought out and executed plan, which has the nod of the school’s leadership. We demand that relevant authorities look critically into the issue and ensure justice prevails.

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