CCNIGERIA is derived from the name CITIZENS COURT, NIGERIA.

Citizens Court, Nigeria is a Nigerian News/Advocacy Platform that is designed for Public Analysts, Critics, Advocates, Crusaders, Freelance Reporters and any Nigerian, who wants his voice to emerge strongly against injustice, bad leadership, under-development, marginalisation, social negligence, ethno-religious bigotry, corruption, crime and any societal ill that is detrimental to the well-being of the citizens and the Nigerian State, in order to build a better, safer and an encompassing nation, where development can thrive.

Citizens Court looks forward to a time when personal selfishness, ethnocentrism, religious bigotry and political jingoism, will no longer determine the actions of leaders and reactions of followers, but usurping the power of conscience and selflessness to do that which is right and acceptable. This vision was born out of a strong desire of some well-meaning Nigerians to pursue factual and people-oriented freelance journalism, advocate for a corrupt-free and developmental driven society as well as to pursue a truly democratic society, where the voices of citizens can be given due consideration.

Citizens Court as an apolitical organization, shall defile political sentiment and ethno-religious coloration, and engage the natural power of the conscience in deciding cases and pressing issues posing as obstacles and threats to national integration, peace and development. The organization shall promote a culture of factual and verifiable reportage and spirit of true advocacy in discharging her duties to all Nigerians.

At Citizens Court, men are being naked on the throne of conscience irrespective of their socio-economic, political and cultural placement in the society, thereby making Justice-based, not monetary-based decisions. Being a Revolutionary move, Citizens Court Nigeria shall champion the CONSCIENCE REVOLUTION across Nigeria.

You are guaranteed of the most critical and trending topics, but most importantly, you are sure of the freedom to agitate for justice on behalf of the people.

Submit your News and Opinion Articles on ccnigerianews@gmail.com

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