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Unbelievable: Foreign Investors Boycott Nigeria Due to Negligence of Sweden Ambassador



Amb. Ndem Ada

Two European investors, Miika Savolainen and Milja Elf, whom were planning to visit Nigeria for a feasibility study and on the spot assessment on the possibility of manufacturing vehicle tyres for local consumption, have cancelled the planned visit due to the unusual negligence and nonchalant attitude displayed by the Nigerian Ambassador to Sweden, Amb. Ndem Ada.

According to our source, Mr. Blessing Obi who was instrumental to the proposed visit of the Investors, the Nigerian embassy which is serving all the Scandinavia Countries failed to receive or return series of calls put across to it in furtherance of the Investors’ visa applications.

“We called the Nigerian embassy for over 4 hours and a supposed functioning embassy neither took nor returned our calls.”

Evidence of Series of Calls to the Sweden Embassy

According to the Mr. Blessing ween the ugly development has led to the opting out of Mike and Milja from the proposed investment on the grounds that their investment will be unsafe in Nigeria, stating that negligence to official assignment seems to be a pattern in Nigeria, since the Nigerian embassy that ought to be the image maker could not render its services in a satisfactory and professional manner.

Mr. Blessing, who exclusively spoke to CCNIGERIA, lamented the leadership and professional negligence of the ambassador, which he said has caused Nigeria a huge opportunity to create job for its unemployed workforce and also improved its economic downturn.

“As I speak, it is with a heavy heart that I say that Mr. Miika and Ms Milja have opted out of the business trip to Nigeria on the grounds that if Nigeria’s embassy cannot even work, they are therefore not sure of the safety of funds they will invest in Nigeria.”

Our source regretted the pains and under development imposed on Nigeria by those charged with the duty of serving the general public and ameliorating the alarming poverty that is being experienced in the country. He pleaded with the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to look into the lack of seriousness and nonchalant attitude shown by the ambassador towards her official assignment.